6 Cool Gadgets Your Kids Can Use for Learning

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Gadgets and other electronic toys for kids have been put in such a bad light when in reality, they could be great aids in your kids’ learning experience.

When you use technology right and to your complete advantage, you’ll actually see a number of positive effects to kids and even to you as a parent.

Here are some ground-breaking tech available out there for your kids:


1. Explorer AR Gun: Infinity Trigger


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Quick electronics for dummies lesson: Augmented Reality, or AR, is the technology that adds virtual objects in the real-life environment when you look through the camera view on your phone screen, like Pokemon Go.

The Explorer AR Gun: Infinity Trigger is a gun controller with a phone mount so you can start shooting at the augmented reality targets. This is a really interactive way to develop your kid’s reflexes, motor skills, and imagination too.

You can find the Explorer AR Gun: Infinity Trigger at Toy Kingdom branches nationwide.


2. VTech My Zone Laptop


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Develop and strengthen your kids’ problem solving skills by completing puzzles and logic games together on the Vtech My Zone Laptop.

It allows your kids to have fun as they learn. This can be a very useful way to introduce the concept of technology for education at a young age.

You can find the VTech My Zone Laptop at Toy Kingdom branches nationwide.


3. Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus


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Beyond social media and internet surfing, you can use a tablet like the Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus to be a fun educational tool for your kids. Tablets can be great for introducing basic electronics for kids because there are a lot of apps designed to develop specific skills.

Kids Numbers and Math and 0-10 Numbers, for example, are two great apps for young kids to learn basic counting and basic equations. On the other hand, you also have iStory Books that help your kids with reading. These are all apps you can start with so you can rest easy knowing that when you leave your kids playing gadgets, they’re actually learning from them.

You should also download an app on your Lenovo Tab called Famigo Sandbox where you can filter the apps and media that your kids can access while you’re not looking.

You can find the Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus at SM Cyberzones nationwide.


4. VR Box


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If you’re looking to get cool gadgets for kids without breaking the bank, then the VR Box is something you should look at.

It’s a simple head-mounted virtual reality product. You can just download VR apps like Google Cardboard for your android or iOS phone, load the app, and put your phone into the VR Box’s slot.

This is a unique way to stimulate your kids’ imagination and creative thinking. It also improves your kids’ spatial awareness and really expands the way they think.

You can find the VR Box S1 at SM Cyberzones nationwide.


5. BuddyPhones Discover (volume-safe headphones)


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Constant exposure to loud sounds can only spell trouble for you and your kids. With most things being digital, it’s important for you to invest in earphones that regulate sound and can keep volumes in safe levels like the BuddyPhones Discover.

It’s compatible with almost any gadget with an auxiliary jack and it’s designed specifically for kids’ sensitive hearing.

You can find the BuddyPhones Discover at Toy Kingdom branches nationwide.


6. Fitbit Ace 2 (kid’s wristband)


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With all these handheld gadgets and mobile devices, it’s tricky to get your kids to get up and get moving. However, the Fitbit Ace 2 may help you out with that.

It’s a wristwatch that’s also an activity tracker. You can gamify the experience and make a little competition out of it. Set a daily goal for your little tyke and offer rewards when this goal is consistently achieved.

You can find the Fitbit Ace 2 at Digital Walker branches nationwide.



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