Bring The Holiday Family Bonding Session Outside Of Home With These Fun Activities

When it comes to family activities, you have definitely done the usual options over and over again. There’s catching the latest blockbuster movie together, followed by eating out at the restaurant everyone loves.

And if there’s enough time and funds, you may even go out of town together, if not out of the country. But as much as they’re always fun, family trips can also be very taxing. That means the stress of planning the logistics of traveling with a big group must be reserved for a less hectic time of the year.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of options for your next family bonding session this Christmas. In fact, most of them are right here in the city. No need to worry about a long drive or packing: For a few hours or so, your family can have fun without any fuss in these city spots. It’s just about all enjoying and trying something new.

Breakout Escape Room     

Locked in a room with only a few hints and your wits to help you get out, this activity will strengthen the team spirit and camaraderie in your family. Given a certain context—like a plotline from your favorite mystery movie—you have 45 minutes to solve different challenges and escape from the room. The time pressure adds excitement while the clever games will prove that a family that works together wins together!

Location: 2F, The Block at SM North EDSA


Arrowland by Gandiva

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at archery? This is your chance. You and your family members can buy a few arrows at Arrowland and keep aiming and shooting them until you hit the bull’s eye. You can even best each other to see who is able to shoot closest to the mark. This activity will teach you some basic archery skills that might help you or the kids find a new passion.

Location: 5F, Fashion Hall at SM Megamall


Ice Skating Rink

You’d be hard-pressed to find a kid who wouldn’t want to fulfill their winter wonderland dreams at the Ice Skating Rink. If your family is just a bunch of beginners, this would be the perfect bonding session since you’ll be helping each other balance on your skates. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and get around doing your best pirouettes!

Location: GF, Main Mall, Ocean Drive Side at SM Mall of Asia



Another sport that’s fun to play with a big group, bowling is just the kind of family activity that will have you sharing some laughs. You can split into teams: parents vs. kids or mom’s team vs. dad’s team. Your family can even have a few innocent bets over who would get the most strikes.

Location: LGF, Main Building at SM City Fairview

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