Five Things We Learned in Quarantine

We’ve been at home for three months now.

For many of us, it’s the longest we’ve been at home. What was once a cozy sanctuary away from our real lives has turned into, well, our real lives. Spending 24 hours of our 7 days a week in the four corners of our home can fuel our anxiety and fear, but it can also be a time for reflection and renewal.
Here’s what we’ve learned so far—

Breathe life into your living space.


Image Credit: @hmhome | ig
Home was a place we often neglected because we didn’t see the potential in making it into something more. During the quarantine we found beauty in our living spaces with statement pieces from H&M Homes. Not only did they brighten up our rooms, they also brought the inspiration we needed in our moments of solitude.


Indulge in a world outside your own


Image Credit: @acer | ig

It’s not just for work too. As the days blurred into weeks and the weeks into months, we found company in old friends. Whether we were saving Hogwarts with Harry or cracking jokes with Jake Peralta and the 99, comfort was found through an HD laptop from Acer Philippines and a pair of solid headphones from Beats.

There is strength in sweetness.

Krispy Kreme

Image Credit: @ krispykremeph | ig
Sometimes all you need is Dairy Queen ice cream, Krispy Kreme donuts, a Kenny Rogers muffin, and a refreshing sip of Coco Milk Tea. The SM Takeout and Delivery Viber group sparked joy in moments of uncertainty. After all, who can stay sad with a happy and full tummy?


Wear your warpaint.


Image Credit: @happyskinph| ig
It’s easy to feel down after months of not fixing yourself up. We just have to remember that nothing is more empowering than putting on a full face of makeup with Happy Skin products. You can even match it with an outfit from CLN or Bayo! Feel beautiful, even just for yourself.

Find security from within.

Pili Ani

Image Credit: @pilianiph | ig
When things became too stressful in the outside world, we found our inner peace. Whether we were burning essential oils from Pili Ani or stocking up on self-care essentials from Watsons, we do what we can to feel safe.
Quarantine is hard unless you make isolation a friend, not an enemy. Embrace your stay at home and envision a new reality with better opportunities. Always remember, good change will follow. Your future is bright.
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