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When it comes to success, Kobe and André Paras show us that there’s no limit to what they can achieve


Every stage of life presents one with lessons and opportunities for learning. For André and Kobe Paras, their success at such a young age can be credited to an awareness of learning opportunities. Securing their success, however, is a whole different ball game.

Goal-oriented and motivated since they were young, André and Kobe already had an idea of how they would want their life to play out. André imagined himself as successful. “All I wanted to do was make sure that I didn’t struggle; I just made sure that my parents were proud.” And successful he is—having received numerous awards like Box Office Entertainment Awards’ Most Promising Male Star and Entertainment Press Society (ENPRESS) Golden Screen Television Awards’ Outstanding Breakthrough Performance.

Kobe initially wanted to be a chef, but guidance from their dad, basketball star Benjie Paras, helped him pursue a basketball career. He was a star player in his stint abroad where he was named as the 24th best player in California when he was attending Cathedral High School in Los Angeles back in 2014. He also joined Gilas Pilipinas in the Southeast Asian Games. These days, everyone is anticipating his performance as a forward with the UP Fighting Maroons this coming August for UAAP Season 82.

The brothers know that these achievements did not come easy and if there were any values to live by, it’s gratitude and hard work. Gratitude for all the people who helped them get to where they are today and hard work for them to never rest on their laurels but to continue climbing the ladder of success.

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What role did your brother play in making you the person you are today?
Kobe: Growing up, he was really my guardian angel. He really took care of me. He was also a devil because he bullied me so it was a balance. It was just pretty cool na I had a frenemy growing up. It’s just really cool because a lot of people don’t understand the reason why I started to play basketball is because of my brother. I really got motivated by his work ethic. So I think that’s one thing I’m really grateful for—what my brother did because he really has a huge impact on what I do now.
André: Well, that’s true. I really did bully him before. But joking aside, Kobe has inspired me. I learn from him all the time, especially when he came back from the States. He’s changed a lot and it made me aware that it does hurt having your loved ones go away for a long time. But it also makes you happy because they do it for their future and do it for themselves. So I’m just thankful that even if he’s away, there’s something I can learn from him and be inspired about.

What do you think was your biggest failure? How did you rise up from it and what did you learn?
Kobe: I think my biggest failure was always doubting myself. It’s one thing I never really understood as a kid, how important self-love is. I’ve been working on it since I came back from the States. At least now, I’m really honest with myself and I’m learning to get better and face all my fears. With what I go through, I know that the next days will be better.
André: For me, I think my biggest failure would be not learning from my mistakes. I always make [them], and that’s normal. [Learning from my mistakes] is something I keep on making sure I do, even when it comes to sports.

What are your favorite activities to do inside SM Supermalls?
Kobe: Shop. That’s one habit I have. Like in every store I go to, [there’s] always something I want. That’s one thing I’d have to be more mature about, spending money wisely because when I’m in a mall, I go crazy.
André: I just love to eat. I look for the best restaurants because I love hanging out with friends. When friends ask me, “Do you know where to eat?” I’m like, “Haha. I know where to take you.”


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